CPFC Air Experience Flights

CPFC Air Experience
An Air Experience Flight - "a truly unforgettable gift"
Take to the air on one of our Air Experience flights and you'll see the basics of controlling a light aircraft and experience the freedom of flight with an experienced instructor, in one of our professionally maintained four seat aircraft.

There aren't many experiences which can compare with your first flight in a light aircraft and it is an
ideal introduction to flying.

Hands-on or Sit Back...
Our Air Experience flights last either 30 minutes or 1 hour. One of our friendly and experienced instructors will introduce you to your aircraft and explain the principles of flight, the safe operation of the aircraft and how to control it in the air. You will then take the pilot's seat and once airborne and when it is safe to do so, your instructor will encourage you take control of the aircraft and fly it yourself. If you'd rather sit back and enjoy the experience that's fine, too!

See Something Special
Want to see your house from above? or perhaps fly around a particular area of the Shropshire district or other beauty spot? We will always do our utmost to accommodate you. Please ask when you arrive for your Air Experience!

Share the Magic
Our Air Experience flights are carried out in four seat aircraft, allowing up to three people to share the experience. Subject to weather and aircraft loading considerations.
Purchase an Air Experience flight Voucher, you can buy a trial flight voucher by calling us on 01902 373361.

How it Works
1. Purchase an Air Experience flight Voucher. (1 Hour Flight / 30 Minute Flight (Price on Application) Please give us a call - reductions for service personnel).
2. Arrange a flight date. - Can be done at same time as voucher purchase. (Passengers are possible - up to two but weight restrictions apply).
3. On the day of the flight please give us a call to ensure that weather conditions on the day are suitable for your flight experience. If it is not we will simply arrange another date for the flight.
4. Arrive on the day of flight, wearing casual clothing, met by a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified Instructor. No Animals are allowed on the airfield, and fight participants should not have consumed alcohol.
5. The is a requirement to complete a Temporary Membership Form form prior to flight.
6. You will receive a full brief - With you having "Hands-On" wherever possible.
We currently require at least 48 hours’ notice to schedule your booking. If you would like to fly sooner we will do our best to accommodate you, but please call us first to avoid disappointment.


Airfield RAF Cosford
West Midlands

Park by:
1 Hangar
TF11 8UP



Removed during Covid Pandemic restrictions. 

Removed during Covid Pandemic restrictions.

  • - 3 x PA28 Aircraft
  • - CAA Instructors
  • - ELCAS Provider